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Terms and Conditions
All home typist are required to accept and agree to the Terms and Conditions
prior to registering with our company. 
If you have a question regarding our terms...
Email us @: typeathomejobs1@aol.com

1.Independent Contractor - I am of legal age to enter into binding contracts in the state, country, or province which I execute this Agreement. Upon approval and acceptance of my agreement, I will be an independent contractor, soley responsible for my own business and will not be an employee of Type At Home or it's affiliates. I agree as an Independent contractor, I will not be regarding as an employee for the purposes of the Federal Unemployment Tax Act, Federal Insurance Contributions Act, Income Tax Withholding, Federal or State Income Taxes or any other laws pertaining to employees and by signing this Agreement, I certify that I am not subject to backup withholding. It is my total responsibility to pay any self employment tax and all local state and federal taxes as required by law. As an independent contractor I am responsible for my own supplies including computer, internet and any additional supplies I may need to complete my assignments. Assignments include website reviewing, article typing, bookmark listing, comment posting.

2. Policies and Procedures - As indicated by the Home Typist Training, it is my responsibility to follow the procedures of Type At Home. I agree that Type At Home may at its sole discretion amend it's home typist policies. I agree to abide by these basic rules and any other regulations or subsequent amendments to independent home typist responsibilities or rights.

3.Conduct and Ethics - I agree to conduct myself as an independent Home Typist in a legal, professional and ethical manner at all time.  I understand that I may not use spam marketing or duplicate other articles or bookmarks to complete my assignments.  I agree that all content in my articles and bookmarks will be unique in both wording and content.  I further agree that I will not repeat content in assignments as to indicate duplicate or repetitive posting.  Each individual entry must be unique from one another and must comply with the parameters provided within the home typist assignments.   I understand that no statements, representations or legal action whatsoever may be made against Type At Home or it's officers. Failure to adhere to all terms of this agreement is cause for immediate termination and possible legal action.

4.Provisions for Acceptance - Positions are open to all persons who faithfully and sincerely desire to exercise good judgement, common sense and responsibility. Type At Home does not and will not discriminate in acceptance or rejection of Independent Home Typists because of race, creed, color, sex, or sexual orientation.

5.Agreement Cancellation and/or Termination - As an independent home typist, you shall be entitled to cancel participation with Type At Home, at any time for any reason upon written notice to our company. Type At Home may at any time for any reason outside of the provisions for acceptance terminate an independent home typist. Regardless of reasons for cancellation, I agree that I (independent home typist) am not entitled to a refund of my registration fee.  The registration fee is a one time, non-refundable fee.  Refund requests based on double payments or age violations will be reviewed by the Type At Home Review Board to determine the outcome of the refund request. I fully understand that assignments are based on availability with no guarantees set in place. If a home typist is inactive for more than 3 months (without notifying us in writing) they may be subject to cancellation. This agreement shall be governed by the laws of Florida and all claims, disputes or other matters between parties shall be brought in state or federal court in Seminole County, Florida.
Acceptance is required prior to registration.
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